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f i g h t . S C H O O L
Term 01: Battle 06 Results 
8th-Nov-2007 04:51 pm
decadent smoking
My apologies to everyone for dragging out this round of voting. At first I was waiting for a couple more votes to turn the tide, but then I neede clarification on some of the votes. As such the survivors from this Battle will have a little extra time to prepare their final icons. More details in the next post, but for now... on with the results:

by Ringo

People's Choice:

by Ikki

Mod's Choice:

By Ikki

Mod's Comments:
When I set the first theme of Seeing Double, I expected to se a variety of original images, but I did not expect to see the theme interpretted in such a simplistic & almost organic way. The same pose, just overlayed on itself. It is so simple, but so ingenius at the same time. And then there's that lovely colouring to set it all off. A worthy winner.

1 -1
2 -2
3 -2
4 -3

B +2
D +1
G +1

Remember the icons.

I'm sorry to lose Ringo's player, and hope that you will continue to participate with voting, and join in again next Term!

If you want to receive your critiques then please respond with a comment. All replies will be screened and therefore anonymous. If you don't receive e-mail notifications then let me know in your comment, along with your e-mail address.
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